What is

Godition School?

It is an online training program where you can receive training while watching the videos produced by Godition.

Now, let your dreams come true with Godition regardless

of time difference or location!

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1. What are the advantages
of godition school?

It is designed to be easy for students to follow on their own.

Also, all videos are translated into English,

so you can watch even if you don't speak Korean.

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2. How is Godition School going?

Classes are divided according to the ability of the students, including vocal, dance, facial expression practice, self-introduction, etc.

Students are notified of their assignments each week, and are required to film and submit a video.

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3. Privileges only for Godion School students!

Audition is held in partnership with entertainment that produces Korean idols.

The top class can participate in the audition!

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Information on tuition and how to apply

Godition School tuition is 100$ > 60$ per month (fees included)

(Before the price goes up, enjoy it at a discounted price)

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