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What is


'Godition' is an online training platform.

We offer you a variety of activities including training,

Korean entertainment company auditions, and more.

Challenge your dreams here!


1. Online class

You can take real-time dance classes through

the 'Zoom' app.

Communicate with the instructor and have fun!

Coming soon!​

2. Godition X Audition

In 'Godition', online auditions are held in conjunction with Korean entertainment agencies.

To participate in the agency's audition, please click the button below.

제목을-입력해주세요_-002 (5).png
제목을-입력해주세요_-001 (3).png


제목을-입력해주세요_-001 (1).png

3. Monthly Audition

You can apply for ‘Monthly Audition’ only once a month.

Those who pass will have their profiles uploaded to the ‘audition passers’ menu for one month.

This profile will be viewed by many kpop entertainment people, and because of this, separate auditions may be held.

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