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What is

Godition CAMP?

'Godition Camp' is offline training conducted in Korea.

You can now enjoy the 'godition' training program directly in Korea!

1. What do you do at 'Godition Camp'?

At 'Godition Camp', we do vocal and dance training.

A 'godition' instructor will train you directly!

We also manage the practice room schedule so that you can practice individually.

2. 'Godition Camp'
Makeup & Shopping

In order to make you like Korean idols, we hold pre-makeup meetings and clothes shopping.

Our experts will coach you directly to suit you individually!

You can also tour famous places you've seen on social media!

3. Individual & group video shooting

Think about it!
Getting Korean makeup and hair styling, and filming like an idol!

You can enjoy all of this!

Tuition information


Vocal Private Lesson

(4 times)

350,000 won


Dance Private Lesson

(4 times)

350,000 won


Makeup & Hair

300,000 won


Individual vocal and dance video shooting

500,000 won


All configuration packages

1,200,000 won

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