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What is

Godition School?

Online training platform 'Godition school'

is the general training platform

where everyone from everywhere can learn and enjoy.


Now, anytime, anywhere

there's no limit in place or time!

Let's learn together with Godition!

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A class to learn the basics of dance,
you can easily follow and learn.

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Intermediate classes allow you
to learn a variety of choreography.


You can apply for an audition for a
Korean entertainment company.

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1. How we run Godition School?

You can learn and follow easily as we provid detailed explaination. We provided mirror mode so you can just follow what you see!

Follow your trainer in '80%' speed mood with the music.

It won't be the class you practice alone as we give 'Feedback' every month

Godition online classes are made for you to follow easily and interesting even if you are alone.

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2. Real reviews of the students!

Students from all over the world are now learning in Godition School.

The satisfaction for all classes is 100%!

More exciting and new videos every month!

Feedback from the trainer and see the development directly.​

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3. Godition X Audition

S CLASS students from Godition School can participate in the audition of South Korea entertainment companies.

Class A students can go up to

Class S through the evaluation.

Class A evaluation is conducted in

real time on the Class A bulletin board.

Grab the chance of auditioning along with the classes!

Fulfill your dream of becoming an IDOL with us!

Godition instructor

​For free trial

Experience the free trial of Godition online classes!

B CLASS / A CLASS / S CLASS are waiting for you!

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